Defining an Identity

For the past few hundred years, languages have been rigorously standardized, and variations of languages which deviated from the established, synthetic, and standardized norms of the language were seen as wrong, bad and in need of correction. Due to this rigorous standardization, the language or dialect that a story or poem is written in is… Continue reading Defining an Identity


Not So Social

22 October 2015: Who knew the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was such an asshole – and a charming one at that? At least, that’s the way David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin portrayed Zuckerberg in their 2010, three-time Oscar winning film, The Social Network. Surprise, the youngest billionaire in history isn’t exactly a genius when… Continue reading Not So Social

Philosophy, Topical

On the Commodification of Private Property

“Commodities often finish their lives in salvage operations for the making of other commodities to be recouped again for capitalism through salvage accumulation. If we want our theories of the ‘economic system’ to have anything to do with livelihood practices, we had better take note of such salvage rhythms.” – Anna Tsing, The Mushroom at… Continue reading On the Commodification of Private Property