April 21, 2014 "Your heart is beating really fast," she whispered to him, fear backing every word. His lips that twisted and tongue that tricked her performed those evil kisses, Each kiss was draped in a blinding black lace of hope and inadvisable blisses. He hummed a tune, and she wordlessly hoped that playing with… Continue reading misconstrued



There was a young girl, And that's what she was: Young. Only that idea didn't feel right, Like a pair of pants, Too loose over here, Too tight over there, No, she wouldn't say she was Young, But she was. Her outlook of future, Always oscillated, Hopeful this day, Pessimistic the next, Except the hope… Continue reading Young

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Dar Cuenta

Yo arruiné mi presente por pensar que mi pasada va a repetir. Yo vi algunas señales q asocio con el dolor, y hui. Yo no quise quedar y arriesgarme a recibir El tipo de dolor q he sentido muchas veces antes de él. Pero todavía me siento tan mal, llorar como si fuera alguna mujer… Continue reading Dar Cuenta