Arbitrary from of a Moral Point of View

What does “arbitrary from of a moral point of view” mean? From Handout:  “Rawls wishes to reject accidents in natural endowments and contingencies of social circumstances from forming the basis of institutional discrimination(These accidents in natural endowments are not themselves necessarily unfair)”  My Thoughts: The distribution of goods should not be unequally partitioned on the basis of arbitrary means.… Continue reading Arbitrary from of a Moral Point of View


Cooking and Catharsis

Oh, how random and obscure the genesis of beauty can be. All I typed into the Google search bar was quinoa recipes, and after seeing one that looked easy enough, a "Mexican-style" quinoa, I went to my kitchen to start… fry the vegetables, add the tomato sauce and spices, let the quinoa sit and absorb all… Continue reading Cooking and Catharsis

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Beginnings, Internal Structures, and Apple

The saying goes that copying is the highest form of flattery… well that must be the case, because the honest reason I created this site is because someone who I would love to flatter has their own blog, their own rambling of unnecessary thoughts which I found not only refreshing, but impressive. If I can… Continue reading Beginnings, Internal Structures, and Apple