A writer, explorer, and a seeker of knowledge. After receiving her Bachelors in Arts in Pure Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also studied Gender & Women Studies, and Philosophy, she moved to Cusco, Peru, to receive her TEFL/TEOSL certifĂ­cate to teach English abroad. This is where she lives currently, teaching English.

Some of her life goals include publishing a book, running a marathon, completing a triathlon, visiting every continent in the world, starting a family, and achieving financial security. She loves to connect with others, and has made it her life mission to do so.

Below is an aggregate the classes she has taken, updated each semester,  to display what any topics she will have considerable knowledge about. Her favorite topics are those which she is currently studying, but she also enjoys creative writing, reading both fiction and non-fiction literature (see Books), issues concerning social justice, philosophy, and music.

Summer 2018: (Máximo Nivel)

TEFL/TEOSL Certification Program

Teaching English as a Second Language

Intermediate Spanish

Spring 2018: (Berkeley)

Algebraic Topology

Comparative Literature: American Cultures

Language & Identity

Fall 2017: (Berkeley)

Complex Analysis

Numerical Analysis

Ancient Greek Philosophy


Summer 2017: (Budapest Semesters in Mathematics)

Real Functions and Measures

Number Theory

Spring 2017: (Berkeley)

Real Analysis

Linear Algebra

Feminist Theory

Philosophy of Language

Fall 2016: (Berkeley)

Abstract Algebra

Linear Algebra & Differential Equations

Political Philosophy

Spring 2016: (SFSU)

Discrete Mathematics

Data Structures in Java

Exploration and Proofs

Gender, Politics & Citizenship

Probability and Statistics

Philosophy and Religion

Fall 2015: (SFSU)

Second Year English

Introduction to Philosophy

Linear Algebra

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

Introduction to Computer Science – Java

Spring 2015: (SFSU)

Creative Writing

Critical Thinking

Rudiments of Music Theory

History of Life

Multivariable Calculus

Fall 2014: (SFSU)

Calculus II


First Year English

Women and Gender in US History