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Complex Personhood

//2 March 2017 Complex Personhood is a term which aims to describe the fluidity and ever-changing properties of the multi-dimensional identities every person possesses; it is a term which effectively captures the intricacies of humans by acknowledging that there is more to each person than what is evident on the surface.  Coined by Avery Gordon… Continue reading Complex Personhood

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Snowdrift (seeing with eyes closed)

“They are struggles which question the status of the individual: on one hand, they assert the right to be different, and they underline everything which makes individuals truly individual. On the other hand, they attack everything which separates the individual, breaks his links with others, splits up community life, forces the individual back on himself,… Continue reading Snowdrift (seeing with eyes closed)


The Violence of Forgetting

“The great force of history is that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history is literally present in all that we do.” – James Baldwin Of the six definitions of violence returned from a dictionary.com search, the one which describes the process of forgetting surprisingly well is… Continue reading The Violence of Forgetting


On Justifying an Unconventional Decision

The central issue in Plato’s Euthyphro is determining what type of information is sufficient to justify making unconventional decisions. In this paper, I argue that having an explanatory definition for a concept is necessary to support making an unconventional decision. To do this, I will first I will explain the difference between defining something using… Continue reading On Justifying an Unconventional Decision

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On the Commodification of Private Property

“Commodities often finish their lives in salvage operations for the making of other commodities to be recouped again for capitalism through salvage accumulation. If we want our theories of the ‘economic system’ to have anything to do with livelihood practices, we had better take note of such salvage rhythms.” – Anna Tsing, The Mushroom at… Continue reading On the Commodification of Private Property


A Short Note on Comparing the Legitimacy of Authority

The following is an argument I started making in my paper, only to realize it didn't fit in with the prompt I am writing to. Still, for some reason (perhaps translucently clear to me), this argument intrigues me and touches something deep inside me. I decide to share here, and perhaps I will expand on this… Continue reading A Short Note on Comparing the Legitimacy of Authority


Arbitrary from of a Moral Point of View

What does “arbitrary from of a moral point of view” mean? From Handout:  “Rawls wishes to reject accidents in natural endowments and contingencies of social circumstances from forming the basis of institutional discrimination(These accidents in natural endowments are not themselves necessarily unfair)”  My Thoughts: The distribution of goods should not be unequally partitioned on the basis of arbitrary means.… Continue reading Arbitrary from of a Moral Point of View

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Beginnings, Internal Structures, and Apple

The saying goes that copying is the highest form of flattery… well that must be the case, because the honest reason I created this site is because someone who I would love to flatter has their own blog, their own rambling of unnecessary thoughts which I found not only refreshing, but impressive. If I can… Continue reading Beginnings, Internal Structures, and Apple