Creative Writing, Poetry


Interdependence joins two souls,

helps them, makes them adhere

Interdependence is a type of control,

And now, I just wanna be here

But if you add up all of the coefficients

The future just seems to interfere

There’s something missing, lacking, insufficient

The painful realization is that

This is fear.

Fear, in its rawest form

The fact that our personalities just seem to cohere

Fear, like the prediction of a storm

Because there’s the possibility you could disappear.

And I’m terrified, I cannot lie,

I just want you near,

When I’m with you I’m up in the sky

You take me up to that next tier, and

Loyalty has me to a fault,

I am nothing but your ally.

Loyalty is my game of hardball,

Allegiance a value I abide by.

Cuz you gotta know I’m a ride or die,

I’m not gonna veer

So let some hard times come by

I’ll kick my shit into first gear

Plans just keep unfolding,

opportunities that can keep me near

Plans I don’t feel like I’m withholding

those other chances aren’t going to disappear

The thing, though, about our two lives

The thing I don’t want to hear

Is that there just might be a goodbye,

But that possibility isn’t crystal clear.

So let me show you that I’m here to fight

For what, in my heart, I hold dear,

Lean on me, I want you to rely

On my courage in the face of fear.


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