Creative Writing

keep me on repeat

//circa 2015

When I read books, I read them quickly. I get excited about the next book I want to read. I find myself feathering my fingers through the pages of books still untouched. My hope is to finally find a book I can’t put down, that I read until the pages tear, and my notes line the margins. After all, a used book has more character.

I can’t put down the thought of you. Please, I want every copy sold of you, from every publisher. I want to read you cover to cover countlessly. You see, if I keep reading you, you’ll stay with me and I’ll stay with you.

If you’re my favorite book, let me be your favorite song. Keep me on repeat as you fall asleep. Fall in love with my words, my melody, my highs, my lows. I want you be excited when your iPod is on shuffle, and I come on. Play me for everyone around you. Listen to me quietly in the hours of the night you can’t fall asleep.

If you promise to keep listening to me, playing me, singing along to me, humming me, tapping me out, getting my stuck in your head, I promise I will keep highlighting my favorite quotes, rereading my favorite scenes, understanding that cliffhangers are more exciting when you wait a day, and expressing my thoughts or feelings in the margin.

I want to consume you,
but I’m letting you consume me instead.


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