Creative Writing

Overheard While Trying to Sleep

“Did I ever tell you about when I had a tumor? Yeah, fuck.

When I was nine, i had this tumor. I would wake up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. People would just say-

they’re growing pains. that i should eat more bananas. 

But dude, I was nine years old, already five feet. You know? I knew growing pains. Fuck. I would literally wake up and I’d be crying in the middle of the night. Nine years old, man.

It was summer, and my Mom finally scheduled to make a doctor’s appointment for me. Except I was supposed to go to six flags that day.

(prefer to read in a shrill tone, if you please. This is his his mother speaking.)


But mom, my friends are going to six flags.

So I didn’t go to the doctor’s appointment… and the pain just kept getting worse.



At the end of summer I finally went to the doctor’s, and they found a tumor inside my bone which was causing my leg to fracture as it grew. That’s why there was so much pain. Nine years old. Fuck.”

-2:45am, maybe?

//Sometime in April 2018



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