Creative Writing, Personal, Poetry

Tainted and Backward

I had a dream last night

of a man

who could cure people of their ailments

by evoking the inner animal within them.



He would whisper something to the sickly,

and they would freeze;

their skin growing ashen

and out from underneath them,

an animal with black fur

would run away.


“People are too involved in their

modern human lives,” he said.


After some time had passed,

the animal would return

and thank the man,

and assure their former family

that they are much happier

in this new form,

as an animal spirit.


The only part of my dream

I found truly interesting,

was that this man had a human girlfriend,

with black wavy hair.

He greeted her at one point,

while she was wearing a red cardigan.


He admitted that

not all of the pleasures of humanity

are so tainted

and backward

from nature.


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