Choosing to Stay Dry

Happiness is a contagious thing. It is a choice, in some respects, to choose to be happy, to choose not to let something get to you. It is the sort of choice, like choosing to stay dry when you and your friends go to the pool.

I was in a great mood earlier today. Not manic, on top of the world, never felt better great, but just generally good. I didn’t have a headache I had been suffering from for some weeks now, I wasn’t pissed off at every person I saw walking around, I was genuinely just excited for my future, to complete my problem set, to talk to the women in my math club, to participate in lectures.

However, just because you choose to stay dry at a pool party doesn’t mean someone else might come along and try to throw you in the pool without your consent. And I feel partially drenched now, at least damp, leaving the apartment in which I usually help my friend.

Right when I was greeted, she told me how our friend rated her an 8/10 (whatever that means), and that fact (that she wasn’t 10/10?) made her so upset it was all in her mind for a while. Then, clearly dwelling on the arbitrary fact, which has no bearing on the way she should live her life, she brought it up to her love interest who, after spending a night in the company of, along with another friend, is severely afflicted by the numerous drugs his fraternity brother had him consume. He gave her a 6/10, but a 7/10, just because he knew her personality, and she responds by crying the entire night.

After telling me this story, I quite honestly just don’t know how to respond. My mood was wonderful previously, I tried to keep a positive attitude, but her wave of negativity pulled me in, and I felt a slump of the prior happiness I was experiencing. I hardly wanted to help her, now, with her math homework – especially since my math homework felt a bit more urgent, despite the fact that I agreed to help her that day. So, admittedly, I didn’t do the best job helping her, because I was quite focused on my work, but I told her if she had any questions, to ask me.

Perhaps it was her bout of negativity, but I felt myself on a decline. Looking for things to complain about, as if that sort of discourse was the only acceptable type in this atmosphere. Surely, I didn’t want to let this affect my mood, but when someone pulls you down underwater, you can’t help but get wet. And thats’ what happened, I got wet. That’s the genesis of this bit of ranting, I suppose, an attempt to clarify my feelings with the hope of making them better by drawing them out into the open.

But I can’t stay here too long, I still have that homework assignment to finish. Ta ta. Let’s hope the assignment doesn’t dampen my spirits any more than has already happened.


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